Agency of creative talents

Facilitator of inspiring experiences

Words to express your thoughts

Texts to explain and share your concepts 

Drop of ink to valorise your concepts .

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Illustrations to fit your reflexions

Coloured harmonies to impact your communications 

Visual creativity to sublimm your messages 

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Content for your website 

Graphic design to bring life into your virtual communities 

Interactivity to valorise and distinguish your ideas online  

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Nomad Agency

Facilitate access to traditional communities to guide your inner quest 

Organize travel in sacred spaces for life changing experience 

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Open source of free books and information from all around the world : ancient sacred knowledge and spiritual teachings

Projects inspired by spiritual great master

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Hummingbirds are spreading their drops to fullfil needs in your projects. 

Find the drop you need to make your dream comes true

Let’s change the world ! 

Our agency is born from the good intentions of Charlotte and Charly. A writer and an illustrator in quest for for lasting happiness through nomad immersion in sacred traditions. The objectif of these little creatives hummingbirds is to spread teachings about self realisation all around the world. Using their good vibes, their professional gifts and all their heart, they make dreams comes true.

Travelling between Europe, India and now installed in Peru, they both have being so lucky to meet lots of other creative soul, guides and talents all along their road. 

Complementary knowledges and talents get unite together in this beautiful, creative and travelling virtual community able to realize great projects. 



Every drop allow us to go further

Kilometers so far


Hummingbirds work with heart and bring their shinning energies in every project 


One day, a big fire started in a forest. All animals runned away and looked at the disaster from distance. Only the hummingbird was going back and forward between forest and river. Brave and determinated, he was throwing a drop of water every time he came back on the fire. He keep going until the armadillo stopped him and said :

– Hummingbird, aren’t you crazy ? Your drops won’t stop the fire and you won’t change a thing !

– Surely, your right, answer the hummingbird, I know. But at least, i do my part ! 

Native american legend


Our reflexions, our creations and experimentations… Everything making us smile, improving our lifestyle, giving us trust in life et guide us through happiness in presents moments. These are our seeds of humanity and complicity with adventures, nature and ourselves ! 

Not every article has been translated yet, we are working on it… 

Welcome in our world…